Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inupiaq Clothing

Eskimo women had a truly unique way of life. They had, as one book put it, "a thousand things to do". The men, who did most of the "heavy" work, could not easily live without a woman there to help him. The women's main jobs were to chew the skins to make them soft, clean and dry the men's clothing when they came in, sew new clothing (which was their main task), and take care of any children they had. During the winter the men wore a coat of fox fur. It had a hood that could completely cover the head. The women wore a similar coat made of fox fur, only they had sealskin hoods edged with fox tails. In the summer they wore a coat of sealskin, because it was much cooler. It too was edged with fox tails. The men wore a shirt underneath their coat that was made out of bird skin with the feathers turned inward. During really warm weather they would wear the shirt alone.

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